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My Commitment To Iowa University

Many of you may have been perplexed by the title of this blog but, I’m making it my duty to explain it all. If you don’t’ know by now, I’m a committed student-athlete. Yes, I said it, COMMITTED.  Has a nice ring to it huh? Well I can only describe it as a sigh of relief. I’m relieved that it’s all finally over.

I’m practically guaranteed to get into a wonderful college and my spot on a division 1 football team is almost solidified. There couldn’t be anything else that is more relieving for a seni   or in high school who is also an athlete than knowing those two things are for sure.

To be honest, the entire process of being recruited has for the most part been a great experience. Shoot, I mean what could possibly be wrong with it right? You get attention from a group of adults who want you to help them make their program a better program. Now as a kid who is 17/18 years old, that is definitely an exciting experience to go through. But once again, not everything that glitters is gold. So yes, this entire recruiting ordeal did have its downside. And those negatives don’t really show up until it is actually time for a recruit to make their decision. Id refer to this moment of recruiting as “crunch time”

This past week and a half was probably the most stressing/unhappy week of recruiting for me at least. I can’t really speak for everyone else that was involved lol. But I know that it was definitely not a walk in the park for me. As some of you may know, my final list of five schools were; Oregon, Boston College, Northwestern, Iowa, and Georgia Tech. All five great schools in their own ways.

So here I am, thinking of different ways to eliminate a couple of these schools after I had taken my fifth official visit to Oregon. The visit to Oregon definitely had its effects on me, and at one point I thought that there may actually be a strong possibility of me committing there. The players and atmosphere really had me captivated. However, while I was on my visit to Oregon, coach Azz had let me know there was only one spot left on the dline in regards to scholarships. Basically, if I wanted the spot, it was all mine, otherwise if someone else committed first, they would have to take that prospects commitment. And of course the worst happened after about a week and I got a call saying that the spot was no longer available. Buh Bye Oregon.

So we are down to four schools now. And a couple weeks after, I’m thinking about what a great fit Northwestern is for me as an athlete. Not only was it near a big city like I wanted, but it was also still close to Lake Forest. I had obviously developed a strong support base in Lake Forest and I felt extremely comfortable with going to a school in the area again. There really wasn’t much downside to Northwestern at all. In fact, I’ll admit, it was definitely a family favorite.

Unfortunately after submitting my grades and ACT scores to the admissions office at NU, I was informed that they would not be able to admit me to school. My gpa was approximately .2 below where it needed to be for them to admit me into school. Now was this a heart breaker? Most Definitely. But it also worked as a wakeup call to me. If I had pushed myself a bit harder in school, I would have been admitted to one of the most prestigious schools in America. However, I will not dwell on that and of course I have to move on.

Now there are three left. Believe it or not, having Oregon and NU eliminate them from my list probably helped me more than it hurt me. My visit to Georgia Tech was probably my favorite visit by far. Let’s all be real with ourselves, what 18 year old kid wouldn’t enjoy a visit to the City of Atlanta? I for sure did. I felt at home in Atlanta, and also strongly considered this school. The entire coaching staff treated me well and they were all extremely welcoming! (S/O to Courtney) However, after a lot of deliberation with my family and parents, it was decided that there would be too many distractions within Atlanta for me to fully focus on the task at hand. Of course I did not think I would be distracted, but after looking within myself and realizing the type of student-athlete I was. I realized that my parents were very right, and only had my best interest in mind. At that point, I let the whole dream of Gtech go.

Now, we are down to two schools. Boston College and Iowa. Boston college was also a family favorite. It is near a great city. The good thing about BC is that it is right outside of the actual city. So the whole concept of being distracted by the city life is pretty much negated. And as for Iowa City, well… It isn’t a very big city to begin with. So distraction was not even a concern there. Another positive about BC is there different values instilled within the College and team itself. Being a Jesuit school, BC embodied many of the same values that I had grown up around thanks to my wonderful parents.

And for my family and I, this was definitely a check. Iowa however, even though not being a Jesuit school is built on very solid family-like values. This was a plus in my books. Boston College offered me an opportunity to compete for playing time very early in my college career due to a lack of linemen. Iowa also offered this exact same opportunity. When looking at academics, BC offers an education rival to many of the Ivy League schools. Gosh, the area that BC is located in is just a pool of education in general being surrounded by schools like Harvard, MIT, and BU.

When it came to what Iowa had to offer me academically, they boasted the largest teaching college in the nation for kinesiology- an area of interest for me. At this point you can see where this decision would become extremely difficult for me to make. Here we have two schools that both have tremendous things to offer me. What would be the deciding factor between BC and Iowa? A Gut feeling. That’s all, not the coaches, players, degrees, or even football. It all really came down to where I truly felt at home. And I’m proud and extremely happy to announce that the gut feeling has led me to continue my career at the University of Iowa.

I’m truly thankful and realize how blessed I really am to have the many different opportunities that I did, and I want to personally thank all of those who put in a ridiculous amount of time and effort to recruit me. And of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my parents and family. I also want to thank my family in Lake Forest, and the many coaches I’ve had throughout my career as an overall athlete. Without many of you, none of the doors that opened up for me would have ever opened. I also want to thank the people that were there when it all began for me aka The Brampton Rebels (you know who you are). And above all, I want to thank God.

If any of you have any further questions, I would love to answer them. Just comment with any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you. I will not be taking any calls, please and thank you.

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45 Responses to “My Commitment To Iowa University”

  1. Hawk Fan says:

    Welcome to the Hawkeye family! It’s great to have Faith in the Hawks!

  2. Max says:

    Congrats Faith! Hawkeye nation will love to have you. Here’s to a great future in a great community!

  3. Jeff says:

    Congrats on the tough decision! I look forward to watching you in Kinnick Stadium. I’m sure you’ll make all of us Hawk fans proud.

  4. HarleyHawk00 says:

    Faith, welcome to the Hawkeye Family. As we say, “Once a Hawk Always a Hawk.” Best of luck in all you do!

  5. Hawkfan says:

    Welcome to Iowa! We look forward to having you.

  6. Patrick Meyer says:

    Welcome to Iowa. Looking forward to watching you at Kinnick the next few years. Go Hawks!

  7. Hawk Fan says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to the family. Go Hawks!

  8. DD says:

    YESSSS faith to Iowa City baby!! Amazing news could not be happier to get a smart, committed and talented young man like this. You can tell by his personality that there is a big future for this kid. See you in Pasadena.

  9. Goldenhawk says:

    What a fine addition to the school known as the University of Iowa and its flagship athletic program: Hawkeye Football.

    We’re all proud to have you.

  10. Go 'Cats says:

    Faith, from a Northwestern fan, congrats on making a decision. I wish you could have gotten admitted and made the decision to be a Wildcat, but everything happens for a reason. I hope you have a great experience at Iowa.

  11. Ben Nolte says:

    Congratulations! Thank you very much for choosing Iowa. We are definitely in need of great defensive lineman in the immediate future. I commented before on one of your posts that living in Albuquerque, NM we still get together and watch all of the Iowa games. When the Hawks come West I always travel to see the game. We take pride in the Hawkeyes and are with you every step of the way. Thank you again and Go HAWKS!

  12. HawkeyeAlum says:

    Congratulations on making a difficult decision, and welcome to the Hawkeye family! I hope Iowa lives up to all of your expectations, both athletically and academically.

  13. Herky Girl says:

    We are so happy to have you be a part of Hawkeye Nation! I loved how you mentioned you had a “gut feeling”. WE have a “gut feeling” you will be a wonderful fit here! GO HAWKS!!!!

  14. Dan says:

    Faith as a Hawkeye alum let me say welcome. The four/five years you spend in Iowa City will be among the most rewarding of your life.

    From your blog and your video it is very apparent the University has just gained and incredible young man first, and solid football player second.

    Dan DeRoos
    On Iowa, Go Hawks

  15. OhioHawk07 says:

    Congratulations on your decision! You will be a wonderful addition to the Hawkeye family! Kinesiology and football. I wonder how many labs you can get done at practice? Good luck, and as always, work hard and enjoy life!

  16. Hawkeyefamily says:

    welcome to the hawkeye family my brother :D enjoy the awesome community :D

  17. David says:

    Congrats & welcome to Iowa. The corn may be tall, but Hawkeye football is always a tradition. I welcome you to Iowa and hope your career is fruitful

  18. Dixon Steele says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Ekakitie. You will be playing for one of the most decent and admirable head coaches in all of college football. Great blog, great game tape, great decision.

    Warm cheers from Texas.

  19. Bryan says:

    Welcome to Hawkeye Nation Faith!! Can’t wait to see you in the Black and Gold!!!! Go Hawks

  20. CruzHawk says:

    Congrats on your choice. We’re very proud to have you playing for the Black and Gold. You’re going to get a great education as well. Looking forward to watching you compete and win championships.

  21. D. says:

    Faith, I’m a Penn State fan. I don’t know what the extent of our recruiting of you was, but after a friend of mine sent me this link, I couldn’t help but comment. Let me just say how impressed I am by the kind of individual you obviously are, and the poise with which you’ve handled the situation before you.

    It’s great to know that the idea of the student-athlete is still going strong, and even though you’ll be going to a rival team, I know I’ll be rooting for you on Saturdays and hopefully Sundays a few years down the line. You’re a bright kid with a brighter future, and I wish you only the best of luck.


  22. GT93Grad says:

    Was really hoping to see you in ATL – best of luck to you, you have handled your recruitment with a lot of class.

  23. Cincinnati Hawkeye says:

    Welcome to the Hawkeye Family, Faith. You will find the campus-life and community of Iowa City unique and very special. We Hawkeye fans are very loyal and supportive, and we are all looking forward to seeing you play for Dear Old Iowa U!

  24. Mitch King says:

    You have made a great choice, young man. You probably realize the great coaching staff at Iowa, however, it’s really the great Fan base that makes Hawkeye football, so very special. Welcome from all of us Hawkeye fans, Faith.
    Now, let’s all get to work and have some fun!

  25. Tim says:

    Glad to have you Faith! We will need your prescence on the D-Line. I strongly believe that you can be the next great Hawkeye in the NFL! Just focus on your degree first and keep your grades up and you are bound for success

  26. Former Alum says:

    Faith it is an honor that you would pick this wonderful university. You will be loved!

  27. Former Alum says:

    Faith it is an honor that you would pick this wonderful university. You will be loved!
    GO HAWKS!!!

  28. Wildcat Fan says:

    I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I wish you well at Iowa. I’ll be rooting for you no matter what jersey you’re wearing. Best of luck.
    Go Cats.

  29. Chris Werner says:

    Welcome to the U of I. I wanted to compliment you on your well written blog. Stop by Lindquist Hall when you get here and have a cookie or two. We are always thrilled to have a committed student athelete! Go Hawks!
    Chris Werner, Department of Education, U of I

  30. Dallas Palmer says:

    Faith, as a life long Hawkeye fan, I am so proud to have a young man of your caliber commit to play for the University of Iowa.
    I am impressed with your athletic ability and your self-awareness. But I am most impressed that you went through the process on your terms and kept true to your self.
    I hope that at some time in the future I can meet you and speak with you about all things not just football. BTW, I loved your reference to LFA as Hogwarts!

  31. Andrew Davis says:

    You will love Iowa City. The atmosphere as a student/athlete/fan is among the best in the nation. There is a lot diversity in this little town. The fans will embrace you and cannot wait to see you coming out of the tunnel at Historic Kinnick Stadium. I get goosebumps thinking of it. I will keep an eye on your progress and wish you well.

    God Bless

  32. Wes says:

    Great to have such a great, smart, innovative young man to play for the Hawks. I’m glad you made the decision to join the HawkeyeNation. Coach Rick does a great job with the players he’s got (i.e. Adrian Clayborn) and does even more with those less talented (i.e. Karl Klug). You’ll be in great company with Ferentz and staff and the Hawkeye Family will absolutely love having a driven young man like yourself. Good luck to you my man! FAITH FAMILY FOOTBALL

  33. Jennifer Moore says:

    Congratulations Faith! Welcome to Iowa!! It seems any team would have been proud to call you their own, I’m so glad the Hawks are the one’s who will. I hope your college career is full of a solid education, good times, great experiences, many friends and more wins!! I’ll be cheering for you on those awesome Hawkeye Saturdays, all the way from California and I look forward to seeing you play at Kinnick in person. Be well, best wishes and prayers for your health and success.

  34. nate says:

    FAITH to the BLACK AND GOLD!!!! this totally made my day after learning pujols left my redbirds. i would rather have u been a Hawk than have albert be a cardinal, GOOD LUCK BRO

  35. Steve says:

    Congratulations Faith, and welcome to the Iowa Hawkeye family! While it may not be a big city, Iowa City is one of the great TRUE college towns in America. Since the capitol was moved to Des Moines in 1857 there has been one reason ONLY why Iowa City thrives, and that is for the University of Iowa. I’ve lived in Chicago and Los Angeles, and while they were obviously exciting, my favorite place on this earth is Iowa City. From an Iowa alum to a future Iowa alum – I hope you enjoy your experience there!

  36. Herky says:

    Welcome to HAWKEYE NATION!!!!!!! Cant wait to see you play live!!!

  37. Jason says:

    Welcome to Hawkeye Nation!!! Bring home the Title

  38. BlackNGold says:

    Congratulations on becoming a Hawkeye!! Although small, Iowa City is a great town (also with plenty of distractions like most crazy college towns) and I’m sure you will love it. I look forward to wearing a Hawkeye replica jersey with your number on it to a game and watching you play in the NFL post college. I’m sure you are well aware of Iowa’s success in getting players into the NFL.

  39. GT jackets says:

    I am really sorry to see you not come to Georgia Tech! We were really hoping to add to this years class a classy guy as yourself in a position of need! Good luck anways and call us if you change your mind and want to come down south!!

  40. TJ says:

    Welcome to Iowa City, Faith. We’re very excited to see you showcase your football and academic skills at this great university.

    I’ve read your blog regularly, and as someone who (with the help of two degrees from the University of Iowa) is in the corporate communications field, I have to say I’m impressed at your writing skills.

    I have noted several references you’ve made to preferring “big city” atmospheres and reading between the lines, I sense you may be worried about Iowa City feeling like a claustrophobic small town.

    I grew up in a much larger Big 10 city than Iowa City – further north and cold – you can probably guess where. When I was looking at colleges, I had most of the Big 10 and Notre Dame in mind. One thing I knew about Iowa is that it has a reputation for producing great writers and journalists – and that was the field I was interested in. Like you, however, I worried that Iowa City might be too small. Would it be boring? Were there enough things going on to stimulate my intellectual curiousity?

    Let me assure you, you will look back at those worries and laugh. While it’s true that Iowa City does not have a huge population base, the people that do live there are smart, creative, fun-loving, friendly and full of great ideas. I’ve since moved back to a larger metro area, but I count the four-plus years (hey, I did get TWO degrees!) in Iowa City as perhaps the best of my life. The school is small enough that if you work at it, you get plenty of individualized attention from world-class professors. But it also has all the hallmarks of academic excellence as any Big 10 university.

    Enjoy this new journey you are about to embark on. It will be life-changing.

    Good luck and GO HAWKS!

  41. P Roc says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to Hawkeye country!
    The Rock

  42. Hawk-I's says:

    Welcome and Go Hawks! You talked about the faith of the Jesuit community at BC being a draw, and while we can’t compete with that here in Iowa City, we do have a strong, diverse and progressive Catholic community through the Newmans Center downtown. Stop in and talk to local legend Father Ed Fitzpatrick, whose homilies are frequently related to Hawkeye football (for better or worse).

  43. Lyal Fox Jr says:

    Welcome to the University of Iowa!! I enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to hearing your name over the next 4-5 yrs over the Kinnick Stadium loudspeakers. If you let it, Iowa will become everything you envisioned it to be. Proud to be a HAWKEYE!! GO HAWKS!!

  44. Robbie Doran says:

    Welcome to the Hawkeye Family! I cant wait to see you play on Saturdays. I hope you do us all very proud and am very happy that you chose to come to Iowa!

  45. rockyMTNhawkeye says:

    Welcome to HAWKEYE nation. We are so happy you chose Iowa as we are some of the greatest fans in the world!

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