Hey everyone, I’m Faith and currently attend school at University of Iowa in Iowa. 4 years ago I made a decision to leave my home in Canada and attend Lake Forest Academy in the hopes of being able to realize my dream of becoming a Division 1 basketball player but instead realized where my true future stood. As of right now, I am recognized as one of the top football recruits in the nation.

The whole purpose of me starting this site up is not only for me to put my thoughts out there for you guys to dissect as you please, but its also a creative way for me to answer any questions that many coaches, recruiters, scouts and even my peers may have about my recruitment in general.

As a top recruit going through the recruiting process right now, people ask me a lot of questions on a daily basis and sadly I don’t have enough time in my day to answer them all or sometimes I may not have an answer at that exact moment.

My Flex will not only give the recruiters out there the inside info they are looking for when it comes to the finer parts of my recruitment, but I’ll also guide you through different phases of the process through my eyes and what my personal experiences with this process have been like.

Hopefully my personal experiences with the recruiting process as a whole can later on be seen as advice to any other future recruits out there.

Stay tuned in for future blogs from me. Thanks for your time! Stay tuned into the Flex

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