My official visit to BC kicked off a long week for me in which I visited two colleges in the span of 5 days. Needless to say, I now understand it when people say that traveling wears on the body.  I’m convinced that I’m still a bit worn out from the traveling, which is why I’ve had to take a break from blogging. But now I’m coming to the tail-end of all my visits and i think its about that time to start organizing my thoughts once again.

Campus: Smaller sized campus which definitely has its advantages. This means I’ll most likely know everyone that I go to school with and getting around will definitely not be a problem for me. I also loved the fact that to get from campus into the actual city only takes a 15 minute train ride. So needless to say, boredom should never be a problem for any BC student considering the city is literally RIGHT THERE. The actual campus reminds me of a large-sized church because a lot of the buildings are older buildings. The dorms aren’t the greatest, but I’m a strong believer in making the best out of every situation. My overall critique for the BC campus is that its just a beautiful place overall.

Academics: The BC degree speaks for itself. Very reputable nationwide and they offer a few majors I’m currently interested in which is a plus. As far as academic help, its there, I just don’t think it’s as strong as some of the other academic support groups I’ve seen from other schools. Then again, this may be a good thing in the sense that the BC students are so self-sufficient that a need for a strong academic support group has gone down over they years.

Coaches: As I’ve gone though this process, I’ve learned to never base any of my decisions on the coaches. Why? Because of the simple nature of this business. Nobody knows if the coaches are going to be around forever, and I’m definitely no exception to that rule. However, my player-coach relationship with the coaches at BC is probably the strongest. I found it very easy to buy into what was being taught at BC, and I felt comfortable while spending time with the coaches.

Players/Community: For my first time ever being on the east coast, I wasn’t too impressed with the people. No offense to people from the east coast lol, but you guys are a little cold shouldered, whether you realize it or not. As the the BC players, they are for the most part level headed kids with goals. This is definitely not a bad group of kids to surround yourself with for the next four years. However, the tension between the teammates was there, I didn’t ever comment on it, but I could definitely sense it. Now I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt especially after coming off a tough loss to FSU that same day, I can see where some of the players would be a little frustrated. I also got a chance to spend some time, actually a lot of time with David Smith (another Illinois recruit on his official visit). We got along very well, and I’d love to have him as a future teammate.I also got a chance to meet with Sylvia Crawley (women’s basketball coach), and that was a meeting to never be forgotten. She basically went over the Spiritual aspects of campus and really dropped few bits of knowledge for me to pick up on, which I am extremely grateful for. The most important part of our meeting with Sylvia was the obvious impact she had on my parents. She made BC an automatic “in” for my parents, and in my books, that is one of THE greatest positives if not the most important.

Football: Its been a rough season for BC, but I’m willing to put that aside. Despite this year, they have been to 11 or 12 straight bowl games the years before, so they’ve proven that they are capable of winning. As far as playing time goes for me, they are graduating a lot of seniors, and their team is still significantly young, so there is a chance for me to come in an compete for early playing time which is something that I’m looking forward too regardless of where I end up.

As far as a top three or anything of those sorts, I’m not incredibly sure where BC stands yet. That is a question/list I’m looking to update as soon as I get finished with all of my official visits.



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