I just got back to Chicago yesterday and one of the first things my high school coach has me do is give a call to probably the school that has been recruiting me the hardest out of the 29 other schools that have already extended scholarship offers to me.

Usually I am a bit iffy about spending 20 minutes of my day talking to college coaches only because I know they will always be around to pitch their recruiting lines to me. However giving a call to any of the BC coaches is not a problem for me at all.

I’ve come to develop a pretty close and healthy relationship with many of the coaches from Boston College, especially Coach Devine (offensive line coach) and coach Comissiong (defensive line). At first I’ll have to admit i was a bit skeptical about BC because coach Devine approached and just started throwing question after question after question at me during our first phone calls. Some of his questions made me stop and think (actually all of his questions made me think), “what in the world does this question have to do with football?”

In fact, one of his most memorable questions to me was “If you could talk to any member of your family who has passed away already, who would it be and what would you talk about?” If you want to know the answer to that question, you can email/call/text me personally and I would be happy to tell you. But you could imagine what was going through my head at this point whenever BC got brought up in conversation. I

It was not until later on that I began to take BC seriously, partially because Coach Devine and other BC coaches came by the school periodically to watch me during basketball practices. And thanks to a few fun phone calls with coach Comissiong, I’ve began to feel closer to the BC coaching staff as a whole.

Needless to say, BC would be considered one of my top college choices right now. The positives are endless at this point; great coaching staff, good football program, closer to home, great relationship with my defensive line coach already, they are trusted by my high school coach, and they have produced some pretty rare talent (B.J. Raji) Its just a matter of time before I solidify my opinion of BC after taking an official visit out to see what it’s really like out there.

I’d appreciate if you guys could comment and tell me what you think of Boston College as a choice for me. The more info I have, the easier life will be for me, thanks!

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